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Psychedelic Education, Psychedelic Research, Mental Health and Psychedelics
Psychedelic culture, Legalization of psychedelics in Romania, Psychedelic assisted therapy

Our Story: A Quest for Healing and Understanding

In the hallways of a high school in Romania, a seed was planted in the mind of a young student who came across the MAPS activity. It was a revelation—a world where science and optimism intertwined to serve a greater good, where the potential of the mind could be explored through psychedelics with respect and diligence. This discovery ignited a passion that would smolder quietly but persistently.



Years passed, and that student, fueled by curiosity, continued to study psychology, always carrying the torch of that early inspiration. Volunteering for various causes, the experiences gained were rich, but the vision of an entity similar to MAPS in Romania remained unfulfilled. At 29, an unshakable resolve took hold after rigorous academic and practical involvement in mental health.



A simple Google search revealed a harsh reality: the much-hoped-for progress in psychedelic research and advocacy was still absent in Romania. It was a crossroads of fate and ambition - life is too short to wait for others to lead a revolution. Thus, the decision was made; it was time to weave a new narrative.



And thus, the Romanian Psychedelic Society was born. Not just an NGO, but a beacon of hope. We stand firmly on the foundations of education, information and eradicating barriers against psychedelic research. We advocate for justice in drug policy and catalyzing healing through affordable healthcare.


Our journey is one of transformation - from a high school dreamer to the founder of an organization ready to reshape the landscape of mental health and human potential in Romania. We extend an invitation to all: join us in this grand effort to enlighten minds, heal spirits, and forge a future where psychedelic wisdom is honored as a key to understanding the vastness of the human condition. This is more than our story - it's a calling. Welcome to the Romanian Psychedelic Association.

Let's work together

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