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Our principles

At Psychedelic Society Romania, we value the 10 principles that represent our mission and beliefs.

We believe it is essential to respect tradition while exploring innovative approaches, informed advocacy and community engagement.


Our goal is to educate and engage the community with compassion while promoting healing and justice for all.

We value protecting mental health and inclusion and strive to promote transparency and integrity while navigating contrasts and maintaining cultural sensitivity.

 Principiile Noastre 
Decalogul Psihedelic 

Respect for tradition and innovation

We honor Romania's rich cultural heritage while embracing the innovative potential of psychedelics to improve mental health and spiritual well-being. Our work bridges the old and the new, respecting both traditional wisdom and modern science.


Informed advocacy

In a society marked by conservative values and a severe war on drugs, we are committed to promoting informed and respectful. We seek to engage with policymakers, health professionals, and the public through evidence-based discussions highlighting the therapeutic potential of psychedelics while pursuing thoughtful policy reform.


Education and community involvement

Recognizing the diversity in Romanian society, we focus on creating educational initiatives that are accessible and relevant to everyone, from the conservative to the more progressive. Our programs are designed to demystify psychedelics by addressing misconceptions and providing factual information about safe and responsible use.


Healing and justice for all

We are dedicated to removing barriers to psychedelic research, education and care, ensuring equitable access for all Romanians, regardless of socio-economic status, cultural background or political beliefs. Our efforts aim to catalyze healing and advocate for justice in drug policy and access to healthcare.


Compassionate community

Building a compassionate community is at the heart of our mission. We strive to create a supportive environment where people interested in psychedelics can connect, share experiences and learn from each other, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual respect.


Protecting mental health

Emphasizing the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, we prioritize the health and mental well-being of our participants. Our initiatives are designed to ensure safety, reduce harm and promote healing, guided by the latest research and best practice in the field.


Cultural sensitivity and inclusion

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Transparency and integrity

In all our endeavors, we are committed to being transparent, honest and ethical. We believe in open communication, accountability and the importance of building trust with our community, stakeholders and the public at large.


See beyond the paradox

We approach radical change with a progressive approach. We use a diversity of tactics, perspectives, and strategies because we recognize the wisdom that unites seemingly paradoxical approaches. Each carries a puzzle piece.


Navigating contrasts

Towards Harmonious Change: We embrace a holistic strategy for profound societal change, valuing diverse approaches and the wisdom in uniting different perspectives. Recognizing each person and idea as central to our mission, we navigate contrasts to cultivate a more inclusive and enlightened future.

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